Gateau Marcel aka chocolate bomb! (fat bomb, dairy free, vegetarian)

It is a versatile recipe, you can make it as cupcakes, or souffle (with less baking), or cake (if you triple the dose and leave the half of it raw  to use it as cream or put whipped cream in the middle), or  an exceptional chocolate lava cake.Just try it! And it is very easy to make!


7 yolks
6 egg whites, whipped to stiff meringue
50-100 gr granulated stevia or erythritol , depending on how sweet you want it and what chocolate you use (the less the % of cocoa, the less sweetener you need)
150 gr chocolate 80% cocoa minimum
150 gr butter
Pinch of salt
Some coffee (preferably espresso)
Some vanilla


How to make:

Preheat the oven. Melt the chocolate with the butter, the sweetener, the coffee and the salt in very low heat or in a water bath and leave it to cool. Beat the egg whites to stiff meringue and put it aside. Then beat the yolks for a LONG time, until they are triple in volume and thick (You can beat the sweetener with the yolks instead of putting it in the chocolate mixture, but it didn’t melt very well when I tried it this way).

When the chocolate mixture is cold, add the yolks and then the meringue, stirring very gently, so that the meringue won’t deflate. Then put half or the whole mixture in a baking pan of your choice (silicon or buttered non silicon) and bake in 180 degrees Celsius (350 Fahrenheit) for exactly 30 minutes, checking constantly. Be close and if the chocolate starts smelling like it’s burning, remove it from the oven! I can’t say how long you have to bake it, depends on the amount of mixture you are baking and if you are baking it whole or in cupcake forms. If you bake the whole batch, it should take about half an hour.

Nutritional info
One batch makes 10 servings of 69 gr in the form of chocolate lava cake (the whole mixture baked) with 253 calories, 7 gr protein (11%), 2 gr of total and net carbs (no fiber – 3%) and 24 gr fat (86%) in each serving.

Special thanks to Sophia Simeonidou for the translation from Greek.


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