Keto chocolates (fat bomb, vegetarian)

To help up fats, and especially coconut oil, you can try one or two of these chocolates as a snack in the afternoon or before bed. Some of the ingredients are unusual, but the end product tastes as good as regular chocolate!

Ingredients (for 18 chocolates in ice cube size)

75 gr coconut oil
75 gr cocoa butter
70 gr unsalted butter (I used Adoro, which I love!)
50 gr plain cocoa powder (no sugar, I used Valrona)
35 gr chocolate at 99% cocoa
50 gr almond butter (or any nut butter you may have / like)
2 tsp stevia (you may use more if you wish, although I wouldn’t recommend less)
Scant pinch of salt


How to make it

This is easy to make. Place all ingredients in a bowl over a pan of simmering water (or use a double bottomed pan using very low heat) and stir until everything melts completely and unifies. Pour in an ice cube tray and freeze. They will probably be ok for a week in the regular refrigerator compartment, but they will keep indefinitely in the freezer

Nutritional info:
Each chocolate has 144 calories, with 1 gr total carbohydrates (and 1 gr plant fiber, therefore a total of 0 gr net carbs – 0%), 1 gr protein (3.6%) and 12 gr fat (96.4%).

Special thanks to Lina Papadopoulou for the translation from Greek.



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