Coconut Cream Blueberry Ice Cream (dairy free, vegan)

Ι missed ice cream so I decided to make some. Making ice cream in a keto diet is very easy since fat is not only allowed but you should actually eat more fat! Do not worry about the exact ingredients: coconut cream (or full fat heavy cream if you eat dairy) and unsweetened vanilla powder are the basics. Then you can improvise depending on your mood and available things in your pantry: you can add unsweetened cocoa powder, chocolate chips, cocoa butter chips, dried or fresh or frozen berries, nuts, even a piece of your favorite low carb cake! You will need:

Ingredients (for 6 servings approximately)

400 – 500 gr coconut cream left overnight in the fridge (or full fat heavy cream or full fat coconut milk in a can)

1 tsp vanilla powder

80 – 140 gr frozen of fresh berries (I used frozen blueberries)

30 gr of chopped chocolate that has at least 80% cocoa (I used one that has 99%)

25 gr coconut oil or chopped raw cocoa butter

Optional: one piece of low carb cake, nuts, cocoa powder, dried berries, stevia or erythritol

How to make it

Put all ingredients in a blender and ..blend well. Put in special silicon molds or small plastic cups and freeze for a few hours. You can serve it right away if you want, it will be like a soft ice cream, especially if you have used frozen berries.

Nutritional information per serving (having used the maximum of all the ingredients written above and none of the optional):

138 calories, 11 gr total carbs (2 gr fiber, that means 9 gr net carbs – 27,7%), 1 gr protein (3,1%) and 10 gr of fat (69,2%).



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