Chococranberry Crack Candies (vegan, dairy free, fat bomb)

Just be careful because these are extrordinarily delicious and addictive. Ever since I first made them, I eat three every night and it’s been a week I am doing it, lol. I am currently at the second batch!
You will need:

Ingredients (for 20 servings)

115 gr raw cacao butter
55 gr coconut oil
30 gr almond butter
1/2 tsp madagascan vanilla powder (or several drops of unsweetened vannilla essence)
65 to 90 gr of unsweetened cocoa powder (in the candies shown here I have used 65 gr of valhrona cocoa powder)
120 gr frozen raspberries (you can find them in organic stores, I guess, you can use any berries you want, fresh or frozen, or even strawberries. If you choose to use strawberries though, use less quantity, something like 60 to 70 grams)
A pinch of salt
Stevia to your liking (optional, I didn’t use any)

How to make it

Just put all ingredients in a pot on low heat and cook until everything is fully melted and combined. Attention: Use very low heat and watch at all times, chocolate can easily burn! If you have a bain marie device (or you are not bored to boil water in a pot and put a bowl on top) it will probably be better, but I am to bored to try it, so I don’t really know if there is an actual difference!
Put the icecube tray in the freezer for about an hour. Remove the candies from the ice trays and store in the fridge.
Nutritional information per serving:
76 calories with 2 gr carbs (1 gr dietary fiber, so it 1 gr net carbs – 5,6%), 1 gr protein (5,6%) and 7 gr fat (88,7%).


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